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Organising a wedding sounds like an exhausting feat?

Are you undecided about the location?

Do you have little time left before the wedding day and you are afraid that what should be a unique and memorable day, perfect in every detail, risks to become a total failure?

Why not think of a wedding planner?

The wedding is an event that marks your life. So, contacting a wedding planner, which is a very fashionable option nowadays, specialised in organising weddings meticulously and precisely could be the right choice for you.

I will take care of everything, solving any eventual problem. Starting from the right location, such as Genoa or Cinque Terre, proposing beautiful villas immersed in lush gardens and then moving to the organisation of lunch or dinner for your guests.

I will also take care of the invitations, the flowers and the music, without forgetting the wedding cake. Finally, I will also organise your honey moon transforming a truly special day into an unforgettable one.



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