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The Jewish Wedding, A Ceremony of Love

The union of two people in love has even greater value for believers and the Jewish weddingis a unique ceremony full of significant gestures that underline the indissoluble link between the bride and groom.

The Jewish ceremony

This is a very evocative and moving ceremony whose roots are in Jewish lawand culture and starts with the Ketubah. This is a pre-wedding agreement read before the guests and signed by the bride, groom and two witnesses. It is an act of love in which the groom promises to take care of his wife.

The ceremony continues with the future married couple moving under the Chuppah, a cloth canopy where the man gives the ring to his loved one and the rabbi gives seven blessings while the two seal their union drinking a glass of wine.

At the end of the ceremony, the groom breaks a glass to recall the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem and the expulsion of the Jews from the Holy Land.

The wedding banquet and the Kosher cuisine

Following all of the emotions of the wedding ceremony it’s time for partying with Jewish dances, during which the groom and bride are lifted while sitting on chairs and carried on the shoulders of their friends while they are screaming “Mazel Tov”, as a lucky blessing. Like all ceremonies, even in the Jewish wedding the banquet is very important and it’s prepared exclusively with food that respects the Kosher cuisine. People eat following traditions and at the end of the feast the bride and groom are ready for their life together, protected and blessed by their families.

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