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I’m Simona a professional wedding and events planner. With more than 15 years of experience, I design, plan and organize high profile events in the north of Italy. The experience gained over the years in the marketing area as well as sales and PR for main national companies allows me to handle prestigious roles and very interesting activities, high-class weddings planning and arrangements for meetings, gatherings and unique events.
Review my endorsements, you’ll find the ratings from customers who chose me, or you can also check out the wonderful locations, frames to the events I plan.If you would like to receive additional information, click here to contact me directly 

Simona Chiavaccini

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FRANCESCA GUALTIERI – Event & Wedding Planner in Alto Adige
❝ I’ve always loved writing, because I loved imagining and creating places and situations that were always different, but it’s only been since I’ve been doing this work that I’ve really understood what creating unique, special situations means.

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