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For many couples, their dream wedding must be set in a really romantic scene: breathtaking views of golden sand beaches, the sea’s sound as soundtrack to their eternal vows of love.

Among all the tropical paradises offering such natural beauty, The Maldives are the top choice among couples who are planning a fairytale wedding.
It is possible to get married in the Maldives with a symbolic ceremony, which will surely move and emotionally inspire the couple itself and their guests.
Usually, this rite is performed by the oldest and highest authority in the island chosen as the wedding location.
The groom and his bride wear local garments and receive the traditional flower crowns, to be exchanged as love oath.

The bride arrives to the beach on a boat, often sitting on a throne within the boat, while the groom helps her out and onto the beach.
After the floral crowns are exchanged, the couple walks to the site of the ceremony, followed by musicians playing local songs. Vows are pronounced in front of the authority celebrating the ritual and, if desired, it’s also possible to exchange the rings.

Included in the wedding plan in The Maldives is a ceremony that can be customised in all of its details according to the preferences of the bride and of the groom. And it will be followed by a marvellous honeymoon within The Maldives Islands, where the couple will enjoy this archipelago’s beauty to the fullest.
The support of a travel agency is extremely useful in this case, especially if the wedding in The Maldives includes some guests, who will need a valid help in planning their trip and stay in the islands.
However, some couples prefer to leave for this fascinating destination alone, as they desire to maintain such an important and significant occurrence private. This happens more frequently among couples who go to the Maldives a few years after their wedding to renew their vows with the symbolic ceremony. It is also a choice for those who celebrated their religious or civilian wedding in Italy, followed by the traditional gathering with friends and relatives, and then chose the Maldives as their honeymoon destination, where they want to further confirm their eternal love vows.


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