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Your wedding reception in the most exclusive villas of Genoa

Do you think that a wedding reception in Genoa could be a good idea? Yes, in Genoa, a city full of contrasts where moving from a place full of a glorious past to finding yourself in front of the future takes only a second.

The historic centre, with a dense network of alleys, a recollection of the ancient splendour of the maritimecity, and modern Genoa, featuring significant changes in urban planning like the Aquarium, give you an idea of the charm of this city, which overlooks the sea in Liguria, where history and modernity interweave with mutual respect. This is Genoa.

And there’s more – splendid villas and historic mansions but also modern large, airy spaces and prestigious hotels become the locations that make Genoa and its surroundings the ideal place for an unforgettable and unusual wedding reception.

The reception is the essential part of the wedding, when the bride and groom join relatives and friends for the wedding breakfast (whether it’s lunch or dinner). First of all, a location that holds all the guests must be chosen; there are many villas, castles and restaurants in Liguria able to offer everything for the perfect wedding, from the garden decorated with flowers and coloured plants to breathtaking views, from the mediaeval castle to the 19th century villa with swimming pool and private park. Then there’s the style, trend or theme of the wedding to be chosen; there are also many options in this case so the choice can fall on the classic wedding, one in the style of the 1920s or 1950s, one with a return to the Baroque past or the couple may decide on a more sober, modern model.

The catering is at the heart of the reception, the choice of the table arrangement, the decoration of the tables and rooms, the place-markers but, above all, the menu and service must be impeccable, with a special note for the wedding cake, which must stun and enchant the guests.

Lastly, the music and entertainment for the guests must be chosen carefully to ensure the success of the wedding reception. The theme plays an essential role here and soft situations with jazz and blues can be chosen or something livelier, like commercial music and group dances.

If you’d like to investigate the theme of the reception further, I suggest contacting me without any obligation; many couples already have and here’s what they think.

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