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Villa Marigola – Lerici

Villa Marigola is a particularly fascinating venue: the different vistas, the rich and diverse plants and trees, the perfume of the Mediterranean scrub, combine with that of the sea breeze. One of the most beautiful types of “Seaside Villa”, which has continued to fascinate visitors for more than two centuries.
The original 18th-century building was the holiday home of the Ollandini Marquis starting right from the 18th century. The large terrace was the true heart of the building: it was, in Ligurian tradition, home to the “citrus garden”, a true wonder of oranges, limes, lemons, and bitter oranges, fascinating all travellers of the Gran Tour. The park also had classic cultivations of olive trees and vineyards right down to the beach where the “white house” stood out clearly, in memory of P.B. Shelley, who stayed there, praising its beauty in his verses.
Starting from the mid-19th century, the architectural history of the Villa and garden followed that of the great romantic and decadent European culture. The Mediterranean scrub becomes more delicate in the shapes and styles of the garden, where the pathways intersect then stopping suddenly, becoming natural balconies and windows over the Gulf of Lerici, the Castle, the islands of the gulf, with extraordinary and surprising effects.

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