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Colombo Terrace

Right in the heart of the town, at the top of the Piacentini skyscraper, the highest building of the town, it is the most exclusive venue of Genoa.

Smiling hostesses welcome guests in the lobby of the skyscraper, while customized images based on the event are shown on the monitor of the private elevator, which is the fastest in Italy, going straight up to the 30th floor without stopping.

Background music and essences are the details that confirm our style of welcoming our guests. Alongside the cloakroom, there are also video and audio production rooms able to transform each and every event into a live TV or web show, as well as showing logos and video clips on monitors throughout the venue.

On this floor there is also a private room for organizers’ meetings and to ensure tranquility and privacy to important guests before a conference or an event. Colombo Terrace tells the tale of Genoa in a single glance.

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