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Celia + Pietro

My wife and I are a British / Italian couple based in London. When we decided to get married in Liguria, we ran a process to find a wedding planner to help set up the event, as doing so remotely could prove complex. The Chiavaccini team was the obvious choice and ex-post we cannot recommend them enough.

During the planning process, Simona and her team bring to the table (i) an enormous wealth of experience; (ii) intimate knowledge of the most appropriate suppliers; (iii) a high degree of flexibility when we had “off-piste” requests; and (iv) the patience of a buddhist monk when we kept changing our minds on certain decisions. They know what to look for and how to organise the day, so that they asked us questions we’d have never thought of. Throughout the nine-month process, they were very organised and responsive, and a pleasure to work with.

On the day of our wedding, they set up the entire event and made sure timings were appropriately followed. We only had to show up on time at the church. Any minor hiccups were managed promptly and effectively.

The result was a wedding that beat all of our wildest hopes and expectations. It was emotional, fun, and had a great location and food.

All in all – We are incredibly happy of having worked with Simona and would do it all again.

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