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Yulia e Luca

If there was a Noble prize in wedding planning, Simona would have won one! She’s got an exceptional organisational talent, a great taste, a strong character and a very warm personality that make her absolutely pleasant to work with. She literally saved us a month before our scheduled Big Day, taking on planning of our event despite already having another commitment on the same day. She was able to turn around both events due to being exceptionally well organised and due to the help of her hard-working staff who are all very friendly and speak various languages, so there was no room for miscommunication. Coming up to the event, we had plenty of email and phone exchanges, and despite us changing our minds on various aspects, she would always be very flexible and accommodative. Simona kept telling us that one of the important roles of the wedding planner is to save money where possible. She helped us reduce the costs and keep to our budget, as she has a great vendor network in the region and her own pricing policy is very transparent. Our wedding was a 2-day event with 100 guests coming from various parts of the world. We incorporated Russian, Italian and English traditions into the wedding making it different and also more challenging to coordinate. Both days were impeccably organised with plenty of Simona’s staff on the ground, paying attention to every detail and making sure everything went smoothly. The fact that Simona was orchestrating the entire event with her safe pair of hands meant that we could fully immerse ourselves into our happiness without having to think about smaller details. She totally accepted the challenge of doing something new or different for us (which is normally the case when you have a multi-cultural wedding). There is no Noble prize in wedding planning, but Simona has won something more precious than that – the hearts and smiles of her clients, and we are one of them!

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