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Rosanna e Leonard

Carissimi Simona e Francesca,

What a wedding! So many guests and family members were impressed by the whole thing from the food to the location to the decor, and effective scheduling of all the pieces.

We are so so thankful for all the hard work and attention to detail that you and your team put into this for us. We know that sometimes we pushed you on costs and other details, and so we are grateful in your professionalism in helping us to achieve everything we wanted within our limited budget. We are also very thankful all the ‘extras’ that you and some of the suppliers provided (flowers ring holder, olive trees and fans at the church, sparklers, open bar, etc). Both our families noticed the olive trees and thought they looked great and most of our guests mentioned the sparklers as a perfect addition.

Your team’s presence during the ceremony and reception was just right (subtle in the background, but always ready to help if we or any guests had any questions – e.g. helping with parking, helping with entry timings for the church and speeches). Thanks also to Francesca for staying later so that our guests always saw a reference person.

The use of the dressing room in the Villa Durazzo was perfect – we really appreciate your negotiations with the villa staff to let us use it instead of the smaller room.

Finally, thank you for helping us find great suppliers and collaborators (Ale, Marco, Susanna, Don Mario, Manuela). In particular, we had excellent comments about Don Mario, so we are happy that it worked out this way!

We made it to Sardegna, and are looking forward to a few days alone on the beach.

Let us know if you have any questions remaining, otherwise good luck with your next weddings this season! We will remember ours forever :)

Grazie mille!
Rosanna e Leonard

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